Valentina Grabner


no multidisciplinary bli bla blo studio. 

Just me, Valentina Grabner graphic designer + art director doing a whole lot – but not everyhting. (visual concept and strategy, branding, packaging, editorial-, book design, exhibition design, digital content) for – preferable fun and cheeky – people and ideas.  

But I can't do it all – so for the rest {the words and grammar, the surfing on the web, the book binding …} I know some pretty fine people. 


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Sure, I'm no huge agency – but good news for you  I take everything business pretty personal so nothing slips through the cracks. 

I'm always open for ridiculously fun projects, so don't be shy and e-mail at:

born online // raised in the countryside of east styria, Austria // by art-loving and trendy parents // educated in the city, GRAZ // moved to THE city for a bit, NYC // chose not to stay // regretted it for a while // still not fully over it // personally settled in on the countryside again //  // for the work-balance and the hustle and bustle still in the city of Graz // all the nitty-gritty details over coffee, please.

phone 

+43 664 91 400 44

working from 🔌

neutorgasse 26/1
8010 graz
– austria

what i do 

art direction, campaigns, branding, visual concepts + strategy, logo design, custom logotype, editorial design, books, magazines, packaging design, labels, exhibition design, signage + wayfinding, screen-design, digital content

few of my clients 👁👁

Frauenhäuser Stmk, GrazMuseum, HNBT Ingenieure, Innolab, Kaleido AI, KWB, Merkur Versicherung, die Organisation, La Strada, Prügger, Schullin Wien, SVS, Vogl + Co, Weingut Felberjörgl

what i host 

Ladies, Wine & Design Graz

A monthly evening to encourage and connect ladies from the creative industry. Over drinks, we chat casually about a variety of topics relating to design, creativity, business, getting paid and life in general as a creative. We provide a space to grow and foster healthy relationships with one another.