ReBlock is the most environmentally friendly notebook. "Every sheet of paper deserves a second chance!" One-sided printed paper is reused and further processed to a new notebook. A notebook with surprises because you can use it for your own thoughts and imagination and you can find stories of other people in it as well. 

I had the pleasure to design and illustrate new flyers. Every sheet of paper deserves a second chance and so do some people. The three different versions are supposed to put a smile on your face and spread the word. Who deserves a second chance? You decide.



"Roberto Baggio misses the decisived penality at the world cup final Brasil against Italy in 1994. Everyone deserves a second chance."
Roberto Baggio verschießt bei der Weltmeisterschaft 1994, Brasilien gegen Italien, den entscheidenden Elfmeter. Jeder verdient eine zweite Chance."

"Rose is still drivin without parking assistance. Everyone deserves a second chance."
Rosa fährt noch immer ohne Einparkhilfe. Jeder verdient eine zweite Chance."

"Tiger Woods, his wife leaves him after he is unfaithful and in relation to this he lost some of his sponsorships. Everyone deserves a second chance."
„Tiger Woods, seine Frau trennt sich 2010, nach unzähligen Affären. Aufgrund dessen trennen sich auch einige seiner Sponsoren. Jeder verdient eine zweite Chance."