I'm Valentina
Designer by day & Illustrator by night



I'm a designer and illustrator currently based in Graz, Austria. Right now I’m finishing my master's degree in communication design at the University of Applied Sciences.


I’m not a big champion in writing my own biographies, so I gave some special people the honor and headache to write something about me ...

despite her young age, she is a total pro and at all times strives for perfection

she works part-time as a cat lady

she misses new york a whole lot


fun to work with and when under pressure, she manages stress extremely well

her design work is both smart & human

she is all sparkly copper

she has a great attitude and is always willing to help

she loves the gel pens from muji

she is so curious it is contagious


A huge thank you to my special people: Verena & Rafael

I'm available for thrilling new adventures. 
So you can leave me a message
or send me carriere pigeon.
Either way I would be delighted
to hear from you.

mail@valentinagrabner.com >